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Four Ways to Embroider Sea Corals

In my last post I promised more sea plant stitches. OK, so corals aren’t technically plants. And neither are sea anemones. They are still beautiful sea life that can be interesting to stitch. 1. ¬†Chain stitch For a many branched … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Embroider Sea Grasses

Exploring the different colors and textures of sea grasses is half the fun of snorkeling. Fish dart in and out of vision range, not letting you get too close. The plant life, however, is another matter. It’s usually easy to … Continue reading

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Green Banners for Ordinary Time

Every now and then, I get a commission for a set of church banners. This year has been unusual in that I’ve made three sets. I like making them because they are so different from what I usually make. My … Continue reading

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Baby Clothes

Making baby clothes is pretty quick for the most part. All the pieces are small; seams are quick to sew and there isn’t a lot of details to slow down the process. When Alison was visiting in April, she bought … Continue reading

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Summer Sewing

Setting goals is important for getting things accomplished. Otherwise, it’s too easy to mosey along, dabbling here and there and getting sidetracked by the demands of chores. For my summer sewing, I decided to get all my¬†clothing sewing done by … Continue reading

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Summer Blouse

My daughter Martha has inspired another garment for my summer wardrobe. It’s a blouse with gathered cap sleeves that have a unique twist. Martha says she was going for unusual construction techniques like those that were common in the 1930’s. … Continue reading

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Skirt and Culottes

Drafting my own patterns for my clothes is part of the challenge that I love about sewing. I love the planning and structuring of all the pieces that need to fit together in just the right way to achieve the … Continue reading

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