Skirt and Culottes

Drafting my own patterns for my clothes is part of the challenge that I love about sewing. I love the planning and structuring of all the pieces that need to fit together in just the right way to achieve the final shape. By starting with a simple pattern that fits me well, I can make almost anything I want.

Some things are easy. Take this skirt for instance. Martha had a design for a yoke that is narrow in the center front and back and wider on the sides. I used her design and drafted a pattern for myself using a basic skirt pattern.

DSCN2631The fabric was a sarong I purchased on vacation last year just for this purpose. No pockets on this skirt. With a zipper on the side, there was no place for pockets.

Martha also made a pattern for a pair of culottes that I thought were really cute. They are full with lots of drape and an easy fit. She let me borrow her pattern and I made my own! This one was also easy.  I didn’t have to draft the pattern; I just made a few adjustments.

DSCN2550The best part of these is the side seam pockets!

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4 Responses to Skirt and Culottes

  1. I find pockets less useful than I hope they will be, but I still like to have them in my clothes. Triumph of hope over experience?

  2. Julie Gausvik says:

    I can see you folk dancing in that skirt!!! 🙂 🙂

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