Snorkels and Masks

So far, all the swimmers in Swimming with the Stingrays have been faceless. Their blank heads have been taunting me from the beginning. As a doll maker, I should be able to draw the faces. It’s just that I didn’t want faces. They need to wear masks and snorkels. Not quite sure how I was going to create those masks and snorkels, I’ve skipped over that part. Until now. The time has come for the swimmers to get their faces. Well not really faces, just the masks and snorkels.

I played around with several different fabrics from clear vinyl to organza to white satin. The white satin won. I didn’t like the see-through look and went with the opaque mask. I stretched the satin in a hoop and did machine, free motion embroidery to draw the masks and snorkels. So far, they are the only machine stitching in this embroidery. Because the satin is polyester, I used a woodburning tool to cut them out and seal the edges at the same time.





BurtonDSCN2612and me.

For now, I think the swimmers are complete.

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2 Responses to Snorkels and Masks

  1. Yes, they are really successful, and I think the opaque option works surprisingly well!

  2. nita butler says:

    Love the look of the masks and snorkels. Very creative.  Love, Nita  

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