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A Stitch a Day

Instead of a new stitch for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge, this week we stitchers were invited to share our thoughts on how we find time to stitch every day.  How I wished I stitched every day.  I am … Continue reading

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Lemon Drop Dress

Buying fabric off the internet can be tricky.  Colors may not appear on the monitor in the same hue as they appear in hand.  When swatches are offered it usually a good idea to get those first before making a … Continue reading

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Manipulating Patterns

I’ve spent my life looking at shapes of everyday objects and analyzing how they fit together.   It’s one of my quirks.  It’s also a skill that comes in handy for drafting patterns.  When I start with my basic block … Continue reading

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Barred Chain Stitch

My latest sample from the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge: Barred chain stitch with a bit of running stitch It’s always nice to learn something new.  This stitch is that for me.  I have stitched both chain stitch and twisted … Continue reading

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Another Retro Look

As promised, I have a picture of me in a 1950’s dress.  I love this dress.  It’s almost what I need for Alison’s wedding. The fit is not perfect and it has a stain on the front bodice.  But what … Continue reading

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Vintage Delight

Packing up and sorting through a lifetime of belongings when downsizing and moving is a daunting task. The decisions, the letting go, the saying good-bye.  And yet, digging deep into the backs of closets can be kin to a treasure … Continue reading

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Whipped Wheel

Spring has definitely come to Baton Rouge!  Green is everywhere.  Flowers are in full bloom.  Time to think about picnics, playing outdoors, and going to the beach.  This week’s challenge stitch for Take a Stitch Tuesday, the Whipped Wheel, makes … Continue reading

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