Embroidered Stingrays

Our stingray adventure took place at Stingray City off Grand Cayman island twelve years ago. This snorkeling expedition was the highlight of our cruise.  The water was crystal clear. The weather was warm and not too hot. The snorkeling was good. The stingrays were plentiful. They were very tame and swam without fear among the many people swimming in the area. We were allowed to feed them and also to hold them in a certain way.  You had to stand up with your arms outstretched and stay quietly still with the stingray resting on your arms. It was quite exciting and over all too soon.

There are three embroidered stingrays swimming in our little corner of the Caribbean Sea. I had gotten carried away with the embellishing on the fish and the turtle. Surely the stingrays need lots of bling, too. But no, they are content with something a bit simpler.

DSCN2601This one has a fancy stitch for his central spine. It is the Spanish knotted feather stitch. This is a repeat of the stitch used on the lobster’s antennae. See my lobster here. I’ve used a simple variation of the blanket stitch around the perimeter of the stingray. It is the closed blanket stitch. It forms nice little triangles in a row. And then there is the most versatile running stitch for texture and two little beads for eyes.

DSCN2602The pink stingray has a spine of loop stitch, a border of herringbone, and two rows of running stitch.

DSCN2603Another variation of the blanket stitch, long and short blanket, makes this stingray a little different from the others. He has thorn stitch for his spine. The thorns are stitched over a fly stitch with a very long tail.

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2 Responses to Embroidered Stingrays

  1. nita says:

    love each and every one. Cool design!

  2. All of them slightly different, but with a real family resemblance!

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