Baby Clothes

Making baby clothes is pretty quick for the most part. All the pieces are small; seams are quick to sew and there isn’t a lot of details to slow down the process. When Alison was visiting in April, she bought some fabric and I volunteered to sew up the shorts and shirts  for her baby, Michael. She also left behind a ratty pair of bluejeans that she no longer wanted. Add to that one of PaPaw’s oxford cloth shirts and I had plenty of raw materials for baby clothes sewing.

I started out with one shirt and one pair of shorts to test out the size. It was a good choice. The shorts were way too big. The shirt, however, was great. The paisley print was one of Alison’s choices. The white twill was left over from my own shorts.



Cutting up the parts of the old blue jeans and reusing them was kind of fun. When I cut off the front pockets, the belt loops were in the way and not easy to rip off. I opted to keep them. The front and back pieces were cut together using the inner leg seam where the side seam should be. I would have lined the pieces up to make use of the hem; however, the hem was in really bad shape and didn’t look good. I cut it off and made a new hem.

The tan and khaki shorts have a side slash pocket and fake fly. Details that Alison insisted upon. They do make the shorts adorable.

DSCN2782Back view showing more reused pockets on the blue jean shorts.

DSCN2784An old button down collar shirt yielded enough fabric to make a match for Michael. I reused the front pockets and buttons.

DSCN2785And the hanging loop from the back.
DSCN2787PaPaw didn’t want to be left out of the fun!  Matching shirts for Michael and Burton!


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4 Responses to Baby Clothes

  1. nita says:

    these are all very cute. Perfect for your grand boy! also love the matching shirts!

  2. alison cook says:

    those are FABULOUS! two baby Magnum outfits!

  3. Very successful indeed!

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