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Knotted Buttonhole Stitch

Here we are at the end of September, in week 39 of Take a Stitch Tuesday, a weekly embroidery challenge by Sharon at pintangle.  Trying not to run out of steam, I’ve started a small project that I can carry … Continue reading

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Doll Class Progress

A fun group of friends got together yesterday for the first part of a two day doll making class.  They were so excited to begin that they had started ahead of time with a little “homework.”  That allowed us to … Continue reading

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Drizzle Stitch

An interesting name for a very unusual stitch.  It’s a stitch that stands out totally away from the fabric giving it lots of texture and dimension.  I’ve seen it before, but never tried it.  Since drizzle stitch is the challenge … Continue reading

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“It Runs in the Family”

What runs in the family?  Art does.  In this family it is specific to fiber art although not exclusively to fiber. The Del Ray Artisans Gallery in Alexandria, VA have a new show up titled “It Runs in the Family.”  … Continue reading

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Swimsuit Stitching

When summer began, I realized I needed another swimsuit.  My current suit was great, but getting old.  And since shopping, especially for swimsuits, is a nightmare, I decided to try to sew one.  The last suit I made was for … Continue reading

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Birthday Card

My birthday was last week.  Yeah!  But what I want to share is a card I received from my son and his girlfriend.  The card is amazing.  Stephanie made it for me and I am thrilled.  Thanks Matt and Stephanie. … Continue reading

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Pistil Stitch

Last week was a catch up week for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge which is why I had no embroidery post last week.  Mostly I used that time to catch up on things other than stitching, but I am … Continue reading

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