Summer Sewing

Setting goals is important for getting things accomplished. Otherwise, it’s too easy to mosey along, dabbling here and there and getting sidetracked by the demands of chores. For my summer sewing, I decided to get all my clothing sewing done by the end of May. We were going on a beach vacation for a wedding in the family, and what better opportunity for motivation is that? I needed more clothes! A recent purchase of linen from Hancock Fabrics made two new pairs of shorts.

This first pair was something of a challenge. The fabric motif is not only large and very predominant, it is a one way design and couldn’t be reversed. This shouldn’t have been a problem because the fabric was wide and I should have been able to lay the front and back next to each other. Unfortunately, the fold of the fabric didn’t go through the center of one of the motifs. This would have broken up the pattern at the center front and back seams. To get the mirror image I was looking for, I had to shift the fabric fold over several inches, thus wasting much of the needed width of the fabric. To compensate, I had to eliminate the side seam and pockets.

DSCN2724With an elastic waistband, I didn’t need the sideseams anyhow. I used the same technique to make the second pair of shorts. They are the same except for the length and the belt loops.

DSCN2741Last up is a new swimsuit. As much as I liked the stripe on the bolt, I’m afraid it is a little too busy for a two piece suit. I think a one piece would have been better. I do prefer the comfort of a two piece however.

DSCN2775For this suit I raised the waist line of my boy cut pants pattern. I also shortened the legs. Then I changed the top to a halter and cropped it to meet the bottoms at the waist. There are some other changes I’ll make if I make this one again, but over all, the fit is pretty good.

DSCN2771I was sewing up to the last minute, but I did get everything sewn that I was hoping to finish. The beach vacation is now over. The wedding was beautiful. My whole family was there and we had a marvelous time.

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4 Responses to Summer Sewing

  1. Well done – dealing with such a difficult pattern and getting everything ready in time.

  2. Dee Dee says:

    Very, very nice!!!!

  3. Catherine Klaseus Neve says:

    Did you make up the pattern for the shorts and swim suit?

    • The shorts are a variation of a shorts sloper that I have had for many years. The swim suit bottoms are a third rendition of a rub off of a suit I bought at Target many years ago. I made the top pattern by a combination of drafting and draping.

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