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Closed Base Needlewoven Picot Stitch

With my elephant/tatting shuttle dream firmly in mind, I decided to embroider an elephant this week.  The new stitch this week in the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge seemed like it would fit right in with my plans.  Its name, … Continue reading

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Jointed Doll –Finished

Callie likes to climb trees. Callie is wearing a jacket of handwoven cotton and real leather shoes.  Her head scarf and blouse are silk.   Her skirt is vintage kimono cotton. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Callie has wrists and … Continue reading

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Buttonhole Wheel Cup Stitch

The challenge stitch this week for Take a Stitch Tuesday is a combination of buttonhole wheel and detached buttonhole stitches.  It ends up with a heavily textured stitch that stands away from the fabric.  I really like the way it … Continue reading

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A Fully Jointed Doll

Way back in the summer I began thinking and planning a new doll pattern.  I wanted one that was fully jointed and could be bent and posed in natural movements.  My first efforts did not work the way I thought … Continue reading

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More Elephants and Tatting

Ever since my dream Sunday night about an elephant tatting shuttle, I’ve been obsessed with relearning tatting.  After practicing and playing around for a couple of days, I decided that I needed to make a tatted elephant and that it … Continue reading

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Italian Border Stitch

Continuing on with the embroidered spirit figure started a few weeks ago as a canvas for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge, I have added a row of Italian border stitch.  The other stitches used so far are:  knotted buttonhole … Continue reading

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Elephants and Tatting

Sometimes it’s the strange dreams that stay in your mind.  Occasionally it’s the more mundane ones that come back afterward with a hidden message.  Two nights ago I dreamt of an elephant shaped tatting shuttle.  It was blue metal with … Continue reading

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