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Take a Stitch Tuesday-2013

After several weeks of vacation, Sharon over on Pintangle has started the stitching challenge up again.  This year she is doing a continuation of last year’s challenge instead of starting over.  She has also changed up the format a bit.  … Continue reading

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Skinny Jeans and Ankle Boots

Two of my Christmas presents from my adorable husband were purple skinny jeans and black ankle boots.  I love them both.  In fact, the jeans were comfortable enough to try to replicate.  I’ve had moderate success with rubbing off a … Continue reading

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Another Jointed Doll: Arabella

There is something very fun about a doll with moveable joints.  All the while that I’ve been sewing on clothing, Arabella has been playfully posing and being the imp.  Even the photo shoot was fun.  She’s my favorite of the … Continue reading

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From Rug to Pillow

Now that my rug is finished, I had to come up with a plan to use it.  All the novelty yarns and fibers that are on it would not be durable for an actual rug and at 11×19 it was … Continue reading

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There’s a Face in My Rug

I should have been working on dressing the poor little yellow fairy, but playday came around and I needed something to bring to work on.  Out came that same rug I’ve been hooking for the past 10 months.  It began … Continue reading

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Unfinished Doll Pics

Some pictures of a new doll I’ve got started. She is taking me forever.  I had to make three heads to get an acceptable face.  I am trying out watercolor pencils and figuring out how they fit into my style … Continue reading

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A New Start to the New Year

I was hoping to start off the new blogging year with some goals and thoughts for the upcoming year.  Somehow, I just can’t seem to quite figure that out.  Last year I was all over the spectrum of stitching.  For … Continue reading

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