There’s a Face in My Rug

I should have been working on dressing the poor little yellow fairy, but playday came around and I needed something to bring to work on.  Out came that same rug I’ve been hooking for the past 10 months.  It began to look good and I could see the end was near so I kept at it for the past few days and now the hooking is complete.

hooked rugIt will be a pillow when it is finished for good.  It’s really pretty wild.  I’ve got so many colors in there that the composition kind of got away from me.  Let’s just call it exuberant.  The back of the pillow is going to be navy velveteen.  That will help to calm and tame this fellow.

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3 Responses to There’s a Face in My Rug

  1. nice swirlies

    round here(north east england) those are known as proggy mats, but its something i’ve never really treid – looks fun though

  2. It’s certainly vibrant and full of life – better than neutrals in the cold of the winter, though…

  3. Jeannette says:

    A striking and creative pillow!

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