From Rug to Pillow

Now that my rug is finished, I had to come up with a plan to use it.  All the novelty yarns and fibers that are on it would not be durable for an actual rug and at 11×19 it was too small to be useful as a rug anyhow.  I figured a pillow would work.  How about a bolster?

rug/pillowrug/pillow 2rug/pillow 3He kind of reminds me of a tree.  Of course he’d have to be growing in an enchanted forest.

The back, top, and bottom are a cotton navy velveteen.  Sewing the rug to the fabric was tough.  Even with a zipper foot, it was difficult to get close enough to the hooked part so that the canvas backing didn’t show.  Let’s just say that the multiple rows of stitching will ensure that the canvas won’t fray.

rug/pillow 4rug/pillow 5rug/pillow 5I had a few felt balls that were just the perfect color.  A little embroidered embellishment in #8 pearl cotton and they gave my man some extra pop.  Embroidering them was as fun as the felt circles I made this past fall.  My biggest concern is that Venus the cat has a thing for wool and has been rubbing the bag that the ball were stored in.  So far she has ignored my man.  Only time will tell if the balls survive.

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5 Responses to From Rug to Pillow

  1. he’s gorgeous, has a feel of a totem. speshly like the balls! 😀

  2. I thought “Treebeard” before I got to your bit of text describing him as a tree – great work!

  3. Marie says:

    He’s magnificent!! Gorgeous.

  4. LOVE your use of colour and texture.

  5. Vicki Stone says:

    very cool!

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