Another Jointed Doll: Arabella

There is something very fun about a doll with moveable joints.  All the while that I’ve been sewing on clothing, Arabella has been playfully posing and being the imp.  Even the photo shoot was fun.  She’s my favorite of the jointed doll series so far.

ArabellaI was able to dig deep into my stash to find all the fabrics and trims.  Even the wings were already stitched.  They are free-motion embroidered leaves made years ago and waiting for that special project.  I love making a doll without having to buy anything new and just using what I have.

Arabella 2Arabella 3Arabella 4Arabella 5Arabella 6

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21 Responses to Another Jointed Doll: Arabella

  1. ladyfleur says:

    Wow, she is so expressive. I would say it’s because she’s fully jointed, but I think it’s also something in her face. She’s amazing.

  2. She’s beautiful! Looks like she has a story to tell….

  3. She does look rather the minx – what fun to have her overseeing your work!

  4. Marjolein says:

    I love this doll. Making a doll is on my very long to-do-list.

  5. Maria says:

    I love your new doll. I agree that jointed dolls are very expressive but the beauty is always in the face.

  6. She really had great expression! Let me know when the pattern is ready!! We’ll offer it on Doll Street!

  7. Connie Turner says:

    Dear Lucy, I so admire this jointed doll you’ve developed. Will you be offering a pattern or a class? I would buy a pattern or take a class with you to learn this doll and to see how you needle sculpt the face and get those wonderful hands.
    Connie Turner

  8. nita butler says:

    Awesome! I definately want the pattern! I love the way you costumed her!

  9. Lovely doll, I too would be interested in a pattern/class. Had a great time looking around the blog as well. You do great work.

  10. jennieanydots says:

    She’s absolutely stunning! I really like the way you’ve dressed her hair…

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