A New Start to the New Year

I was hoping to start off the new blogging year with some goals and thoughts for the upcoming year.  Somehow, I just can’t seem to quite figure that out.  Last year I was all over the spectrum of stitching.  For years I’ve thought of myself and have made a name for myself (locally) as a cloth doll artist and yet, last year I made only four dolls.  It was shocking when I counted up.  Most of my time was spent in embroidery, but I made quite a few articles of clothing.  I also branched out into other needle arts:   rug hooking, basket weaving, tatting, and spindle spinning.  While these were very interesting, I know they will make up only a small portion of my fiber art endeavors.  I learned them for the joy of new experiences.  Now that the holidays have past and all my gift sewing is done, I want to concentrate once again on the dolls.  I also plan to continue my study of embroidery stitches.  And if Martha draws some designs for me, I’ll make more clothing too.

School begins tomorrow with the second semester, so I’ll be back at work again soon.  Despite having time off, it’s been hard for me to sit and work in my studio.  After all the guests were gone and the festivities over, I found myself wandering around the house doing a few odd jobs, but mostly doing nothing.  Yesterday I decided to ease back into the creative flow by working on a page for my dream journal.  It was about a dream that was not a happy dream.  It was a frustrating dream.  In it, I was unable to fly.  A fence had been built that blocked my way and I could not run and get lift.  I knew in my dream that I had built the fence.  When I woke up, I was horrified.  To honor that dream I created the last page for my dream journal.  To begin tearing down the fence will be the next step.

Unable to fly


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4 Responses to A New Start to the New Year

  1. Linda says:

    Wonderful honesty, Lucy. I look forward to another great year of creative afternoons with you and Diane, and any others who may pop in. Prayers, hopes, and wishes for all good things: joy, healthy bodies, serenity, you name it. much love, Linda

  2. Linda says:

    ps!! What a gorgeous interpretation of your dream!

  3. Sometimes you need to have a period doing something which is connected to your real work, but not your real work, because you return re-energised and with new techniques and new ideas at your fingertips.

  4. Jeannette says:

    Very creative way to exercise your dream!

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