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Hats and Heels, Here I come

Excitement is running through the house. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m leaving for Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay. Poor Burton will be left behind with only Venus to keep him company. Venus always goes a little haywire when … Continue reading

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Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole Stitch

Just the name of this stitch is a mouthful and more complex than the actual stitch.  And it’s just what you might think it should be.  It’s a combination of up and down buttonhole stitch and feather stitch.  Since my … Continue reading

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Saved by the Bell Jar

Safe from the evil cat. That’s what poor Bianca must be thinking.  Perhaps the cat can not come in, yet neither can she get out.  Like a princess in a fairy tale, she is trapped and kept apart from the … Continue reading

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End of the Journey…

…But no road kill here. After weeks and weeks of stitching, my little armadillo friend is finally finished.  As the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge progressed, so did my little fellow.  I managed to fit 13 of the weekly stitches … Continue reading

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Breton Stitch

And so the armadillo nears completion… Breton stitch is in the herringbone family.  It has an extra step that puts a twist in the top part of the stitch.  It’s just enough to make it interesting.I’ve made a double ended … Continue reading

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