Saved by the Bell Jar

Safe from the evil cat.

That’s what poor Bianca must be thinking.  Perhaps the cat can not come in, yet neither can she get out.  Like a princess in a fairy tale, she is trapped and kept apart from the world.Bianca under glass

On Doll Street Dreamers a current topic now is about the havoc cats can wreak in the doll maker’s workroom.   My Venus has done her share of mayhem.  She absolutely adores the Tibetan lambskin that Bianca has on her head.  The only place some dolls are safe is on the mantel where Venus can’t jump.  Now I have another safe spot.  This display case.  It was passed along to me by way of a sister.  It’s too small for the dolls to stand in or even sit on a seat.  There’s something rather sad or creepy about the look.  I almost like it.

in the case

What do you think?  Keep it or pass it along again?

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9 Responses to Saved by the Bell Jar

  1. Lucy,
    You must keep it! And write a tale about Bianca’s refuge from the cat of nine lives!! I just adopted my grandson’s cat as he was not getting on with Hayden’s younger sister. So far Mr. Tom has not attacked any dolls that I can tell and the “girls” have not tattled yet.
    kimber~a student from your Kentucky adventure

  2. Nancy Powers says:

    Keep it. Make a doll scene that’s the appropriate size and tell a story. I think you’ll start a trend. I love love love your doll. Nancy Powers, new DSD member and doll maker

  3. Connie says:

    I think the bell jar adds interest just the way it is. The viewer can make up a story. Beautiful work on the doll.

  4. Love her tatted necklace – and I can just imagine what havoc a cat would wreak!

  5. Judi W says:

    Agree! Keep it!

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