End of the Journey…

…But no road kill here.

After weeks and weeks of stitching, my little armadillo friend is finally finished.  felt and embroidered armadilloAs the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge progressed, so did my little fellow.  I managed to fit 13 of the weekly stitches onto his armor.  armadillo 2His head features #52 triangular feather and some beads.  His legs have 3 stitches: #56 sailors, #57 sailor’s edge, and #10 running stitch.back of armadilloHis tail is embellished with #49 knotted feather and #50 inverted feather.armadillo 3On his body plate we have #9 couching, #15 French knot, #44 Portuguese border, #48 knotted cable chain, #54 laced herringbone square, and #59 Breton stitch.  And on the back of his ears is #55 buttonholed herringbone stitch.  armadillo 5His armor parts are needle felted and made of some lovely hand-dyed wool given to me by a friend.  The soft body parts are made of scraps of hand-woven fabrics purchased at the International Quilt Festival.  All the pieces were small, so I’ve used 4 different ones for a patchwork look.  I’ve also managed to repurpose some old zippers discovered in a shoe box at a garage sale.  Someone had thriftily unpicked the seams to save these zippers from the garbage pail.  How could I not find a use for them?  The same for his claws.  My dear hubby found a box of keys left behind by his great-uncle Clarence.  They were all old, many worn smooth.  He brought them home to me as a gift knowing I would love them as much as a gift of chocolate.  And now some of them have become armadillo claws.

The only thing still missing from this work is a name.  I am at a loss for a name or title for my little friend.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  Please help!

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27 Responses to End of the Journey…

  1. Zippy? Arnie? Clarence?

  2. alison cook says:

    WOW – it’s gorgeous!

  3. ladyfleur says:

    Armando de Dillo! Time to find some rich Texan to sell him to.

  4. Frau Frosch says:

    Wow, what a work! I haven’t got an idea for a name, “Arma” or “Dillo” aren’t right, I think.

  5. nita butler says:

    WOW….it is amazing! So Beautiful and creative.

  6. Marie says:

    He’s fantastic! WOW. He’s looks like a ‘Bertie’ to me 🙂

  7. Liz Eph says:

    aw he’s gorgeous. what a brilliant idea with the zips. pecadillo ? er perhaps not. bill-dillo ? charlie-dillo ? hey-dillo-dillo ? zipperdillo ? cute-adillo ?

  8. Linda Murdoch says:

    Very nice indeed! Perhaps he is Arturo. He looks pretty “arty”.

  9. Faith says:

    Beautiful. If I were a rich Texan, I’d buy him… or her. The latin name is Dasypus, so I thought Daisy might be a good name

  10. Burton says:

    The roadsides would be prettier if we had more of these running around.He should be known as Armondo-Dillo Zipperez

  11. Wendy says:

    LOVE this! Especially the zippers. I hope you bring this on Sunday so we can see all the stitching close up.

  12. Liz says:

    LOVE the zip idea for the armour – briliant! And that flash of pink underneath is gorgeous!

  13. Jeannette says:

    He or she looks so fantastic! You do amazing work and so wonderfully creative! ZipDillo perhaps?

  14. Leilani says:

    This armadillo is wonderful! Stitching, colors, patchwork…all are fantastic. But for me, what first drew my attention and made me fall in love were those delightful little feet. Brilliant!

  15. Beverly Summitt says:

    Maybe I missed it, but how did you make the basic body/shape? And with what? This is amazing! Absolutely beautiful!

    • The body is a stuffed shaped with a wire armature. The legs are wire wrapped in batting. The head and tail are stuffed shapes. All were then covered with the outer fabrics and stitched together.

  16. WOW he is one gorgeous Armadillo. Your creations are fantastic. Been awhile since I was on your site. Fran

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  18. Margaret says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful! I’m clicking now to get the high res effect.

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