Green Banners for Ordinary Time

Every now and then, I get a commission for a set of church banners. This year has been unusual in that I’ve made three sets. I like making them because they are so different from what I usually make. My usual art is rather small and three dimensional. These are large, very large. They are 65″ wide and 16′ long. Each banner has approximately 17 yards of fabric in it. As you can imagine, they are heavy, too.

The banners are carefully planned out; however the execution is all free-style. Give me my scissors and I gleefully cut strips free hand. From there, it is like putting together a puzzle that has more than one solution. One thing I love is my puzzles! What I don’t love is the crawling around on the floor. These banners are so large that the floor is the best work space.  Having Martha to help with the design and fabrication was a huge help. I couldn’t have made these really big banners without her.

IMG_1677Father Beck wanted this set of green banners for ordinary time to complete his collection of church banners for St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in New York.

IMG_1695He especially liked the glimmering fabric that we used in the Feast Days set made of gold fabrics. See the gold and purple banner sets here on my blog. The purple are vertical and the gold are radiating in line. He wanted the green to also have the radiating pattern. Rather than copying the same design, Martha created a combination of the radiating lines with horizontal lines.

IMG_1693It’s hard to tell that many of these fabrics are shiny satins, damasks, taffetas,  and lame. Green is a difficult fabric to find in a broad range of hues, especially shiny ones. In all, there are 24 fabrics on the face on the banners.

IMG_1705I could not have made these without my daughter, Martha’s help. Not only was she responsible for the designing, she made the physical aspect of moving around all this fabric possible. She is a great partner to have. I look forward to future joint art projects.


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17 Responses to Green Banners for Ordinary Time

  1. Dee Dee says:

    Beautiful, beautiful!

  2. alison cook says:

    those are real beauties! they should be thrilled to get them.

  3. Mothers and daughters make great teams!
    Somehow, none of my projects seem very big now…!

  4. nita says:

    wonderfully beautiful

  5. Jeannette says:

    Absolutely gorgeous looking banners. Your church must be so pleased.

  6. Anne says:

    Your work is beautiful! Truly a God-given talent. I’ve made church banners for years for our church and most have been stitched like a quilt, but without the inner batting. Can you tell me what kind of fabric is used for the backing that you are fusing on to? Do you have to square them up after they are finished, or is the backing squared before starting?

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and information.

  7. Bailey, Trinity Church says:

    You work is absolutely beautiful. Our church is looking to have custom ordinary time banners name as well. Are you currently taking orders and is there a good way to contact you regarding this?

  8. Mary Harkema says:

    I too think your work is beautiful and we are looking to have a custom ordinary time banner made.
    I would love to talk to you more about commissioning you, if that is possible?

    • Yes, we do commissions for banners. We will email you privately.

      • Mary Harkema says:

        I am very interested in having you create and do some work for us.

        We would be looking for a large banner, much like the ordinary time ones that I saw on your blog…before going to much further could you please give me a general cost for a banner that large and then I can speak to our associate pastor about my budget for this project!

        Thank you! I am truly looking forward to hearing from you.


        On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 9:57 PM, playfulstitching wrote:

        > playfulstitching commented: “Yes, we do commissions for banners. We will > email yo=u privately.” >

  9. Deanna Plotts says:

    These are beautiful. Is it just laid out and fused or is some of it sewn?

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