Embroidery at Night

In the midst of all the things I’ve been busy with these days, it’s been nice to take a break at night and sit and embroider while my husband watches TV.  The “Take a Stitch Tuesday” challenge sponsored by pintangle is proving to be lots of fun.  This week’s stitch is the Chevron stitch.  It’s a rather rigid stitch and not one that I thought would be very interesting.  But it turns out that I did enjoy playing with it.

I found that it works really well to fill four-sided geometric shapes.   All of the zebra except the eye and mane are chevron stitch.  The boldness of her black and white appeals to me and I like how it looks against the yellow chair.  If I do finish it up for a wall hanging, I’ll use this yellow color.  Or I may save it as a page of a book, should I have enough samples from this challenge to make one.

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13 Responses to Embroidery at Night

  1. Christina says:

    This is so clever. I thought of doing shapes that are naturally a triangle, but to use it on an animal and to envision the stripes this way, I’d never thought of that. It would make a lovely wall hanging.

  2. Queeniepatch says:

    Cleverly done! I love the zebra and it does indeed look good against the yellow.

  3. Raphaela says:

    OMG, what a lovely work. Great idea and wonderfil piece.

  4. jenclair says:

    What a clever way to interpret the chevron!

  5. Connie says:

    Beautifully stitched, and lots of fun! Connie.

  6. yarngoddess says:

    What a creative stitch sample! And congrats, you’re on Sharon’s highlights tonight.

  7. Rose says:

    A very clever application of the chevron! I absolutely love it!

  8. crazyqstitcher says:

    Love your fabulous artwork

  9. Kay Warner says:

    This really is an absolute cracker! I also stitch while my husband watches TV, it’s a perfect antidote to murder!

  10. jizee6687 says:

    love your ideas of this stitch

  11. Patricis says:

    This is really creative. I really struggled with this stitch.Very well done!!!

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