Wedding Dress Part III

After days of hand sewing, the lace skirt is ready to sew onto the bodice.

The back seam will be sewn after the zipper goes in.  It’s almost the last thing to do.  Which means, I still have a bit more lace seaming ahead of me.  That turned out to be not too hard.  After testing various methods, I decided to use a narrow zigzag trimmed to 1/4″.  A strip of Solvy stabilizer under the seam as I was sewing helped to keep it from drawing up.  The Solvy ripped out so well, I didn’t have to use water to remove it.  In the areas where a motif crossed the seamline, I left an unsewn area.

I then trimmed the seam allowance and also around the motif that extends past the seamline.  The motif was pulled through the opening to the outside, smoothed into place and stitched down with whip stitches.

I pinned the whole dress together to see how it looks.

The lace is rather stretchy and needs to be picked up a little in the front, but otherwise, it looks good.

This lace is such a pretty choice.   I’m so glad we found it.

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7 Responses to Wedding Dress Part III

  1. Lucy the dress is gorgeous.! Your daughter is a lucky girl to have a dream dress made by her mum which I am sure she is going to love. Love the way you closed the seems near the motif. That is a very good tip.

  2. susanben says:

    Wow lovely dress and also lovingly made by Mom!

  3. Patty McCubbin says:

    Dress is gorgeous! Looks perfect….
    Wouldn’t expect less from my big sis.

  4. Kathy Shackelford says:

    Does the lace overlay hang free of the skirt or is it attached? I am about to embark on a project where we are potentially doing a lace-overlay mermaid skirt and am undecided whether to use the lace free-hanging, stitched to organza as an underlining, or use appliques only. The base fabric is silk dupioni.

    • The skirt lace is attached at the waist and along the zipper. It is a very heavy lace and it stretched a lot. I did plan for that in the designing of the pattern, but it stretched a bit more than expected and was too long in the front. I ended up tacking the lace to the under dress in a few places along the top of the border on the front of the dress only. With the train in the back it didn’t matter if the lace stretched there. Merely underlining the lace would not have stopped all the stretching and would have made “pull” lines from the seams. This lace was gorgeous with a nice drape. Having an overlayer gave the dress a graceful movement, especially when Alison was dancing.

  5. Kathy Shackelford says:

    The lace I will be using is very similar and that is why I have taken a particular interest in your post. I don’t know if I have the guts to use the lace on its own though. Thanks for the reply. You did an amazing job on the dress.

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