One Fish Two Fish

Two more fish swimming in my sea.

One in pink.

DSCN1863 And one in purple.

DSCN2486I like the French knots on this one. The magenta stitching around his fins is called Italian border stitch. It’s basically a fly stitch with a French knot for a tail. These guys are turning out to be quite embellished. If I’m not careful, they will steal the show from the poor stingrays.

I’ve just finished the turtle and beginning work on the stingrays. I am excited to see all the progress. The water creatures are looking good! More pictures soon to come!

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3 Responses to One Fish Two Fish

  1. Developing nicely – all the ornamental stitches provide some lovely details.

  2. Jeannette says:

    All the different stitches you’re using and thread colours are making your fish look terrific!

  3. nita butler says:

    Loving the newish fish!!! Love the colors and the stitches!

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