Back to Embroidery

Begun many months ago, my Swimming with the Stingrays is back on my sewing table. I hadn’t intended to embroider right now, yet there it is. After last month’s doll, Diane the Bride, I had wanted to make another one. This one was to wear a dress honoring another old wedding dress that had been gifted to me. I drew up another pattern and stitched it together.  Alas, she will have to wait. I am not pleased with her body. And if her body isn’t right, then the doll will fail. She will have to wait while I reconsider what to do.

So now I’ve picked up embroidery again, I am loving it.

Last fall I had a major disappointment with one of the stitched fish on my Swimming with the Stingrays. It was time to take that fish and rework the embroidery. The only stitching that I kept was the green backbone. I chose some different threads this time. A big part of what I didn’t like on the original was the primary colors I had use for the stitching. I also went with more basic stitches with nothing fancier that pistil stitch. It seemed that going back to basics would be a good change.

DSCN1862Now I’m already onto the last fish and looking forward to the turtle and stingrays!

How do you go about making a fresh start with a lagging project?

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3 Responses to Back to Embroidery

  1. Generally, I wait for it to tell me what it wants. Which, I realise, isn’t a helpful thing to have said!

  2. Helpful or not, that is usually the way it happens. At first it just says “Yuck, yuck, yuck.” I find that after putting it away for a while, it will tone down and then be more precise about what it needs.

  3. Jeannette says:

    Your little fish looks delightful and very nicely stitched. My “lagging pieces” continue to lag unfortunately.

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