Stephanie’s Coat Repair

However much we love our pets, there’s no getting around the fact that they sometimes cause us grief. My cat Venus has a reputation among my friends as being a bit on the crazy side. She is also capable of clawing and chewing mishaps. She does love the wool that I use in my work. Many a doll has she attacked for their hair! So I was not surprised to see the damage to this coat that belonged to Stephanie’s sister. Her dog had gnawed away at the cuff and done damage that made the coat unwearable. She gave the coat to Stephanie and Stephanie asked me if I thought I could fix it.

DSCN2240I am not an expert at repairs, but I’m always up for a challenge. This coat is an Oscar de la Renta and worth the salvage attempt. It is a very heavy, plush wool fabric that doesn’t ravel much. A deep, double kick pleat in the back provided a place to harvest fabric for a patch: see the whitish round area. That’s what I cut away. Conveniently that part of the pleats could be hand stitched together to totally enclose the hole and hide all evidence of the missing fabric.


To start, I inserted the patch behind the missing spot. I then sewed the patch in place along the front of the cuff. I left the lining side open to make the embroidery easier. That allowed me to leave my knots on the inside of the cuff. Once the repairs to the embroidery were done, I stitched the remainder of the patch to the lining side of the cuff. All done. The thick fabric blended the seam line pretty well, much better than I had expected. With the embroidery to help camouflage the join, it looks pretty good. Honesty compels me to say that the photo hides the stitches better than seeing it in person. But still not bad for a rescue job.

DSCN2447It is a gorgeous coat, but obviously not intended for me.


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5 Responses to Stephanie’s Coat Repair

  1. A little on the big side, but fabulous!

  2. alison cook says:

    WOW! great job! it would be awful to lose all that gorgeous stitching.

  3. Bj says:

    that is a beautiful coat. Is it made of fleece? The patch job is so undetectable I think I need to try it.

  4. nita butler says:

    Beaitiful job Lucy! and I can see why it was important to save the coat it is beautiful!

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