Update on Diane the Bride

After seeing the photo of Diane and Russel on their wedding day, I realized there were two things missing on her bride doll. A brief shopping trip later to Hobby Lobby and Diane the Bride now has a cameo pin and wedding ring.

DSCN2484Just like the original.

IMG_1726The wedding ring is made from a ring bridal favor. I bought a bag of 75! They were really inexpensive, but goodness, what will I do with 74 1/2 fake rings?

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5 Responses to Update on Diane the Bride

  1. nita butler says:

    well, you do pay attention to detail. Great job! I am sure Diane loves the doll. Great job!

  2. kimber fenili says:

    Truly Beautiful!

  3. alison cook says:

    now she’s PERFECT!

  4. I’m sure you’ll think of something, although I must admit that at the moment I can’t think what!

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