Third Time’s the Charm

Sometimes things just don’t click. You work and work and it still isn’t right. You may change and add and adapt to make it better, but the darn thing is like an adolescent going through puberty. It has all these parts that don’t fit together quite right and it hasn’t a good grasp of its own identity. That’s when it’s time to start over. Twice, I started over. It all began with a felted bowl in hot pink and purple. It was round, not too big, with a rather small opening. I liked it. How about a nest of fabric cording to rest it in? Sounded good. I didn’t like it after all.

silk covered cordingSorry, I don’t have pictures of the felt at this stage.

Save the cording for something else. Try another idea. My pink bowl reminded me of an onion. How about making some wool roots and a silk sprout to grow out the top? Sounded good. Not so good.

felt onion sproutLets see, there is so much wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start. First, my lovely roots looked silly spread out on the bottom. To have them pointing down like roots would have required the onion to be on its side and that made the sprout look silly. As if the sprout didn’t look silly enough on its own. The sprout looked more like a corn stalk than anything else. The proportion was off, so I refelted and shrank the pink bowl. Didn’t help much. Time for another fresh start.

The bowl had a round bottom that I didn’t want to flatten. That meant it needed a base. Playing around with the pottery jars on my worktable, I flipped one over and decided that it was a good size for a base. After a few measurements and adjustments and a trial run in paper, it was time to try again. I set aside the roots and took apart the sprout. I could reuse some of the silk on this thing somewhere. I had put a bit of work into the lower layer and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

sari silk fabricIt was made with sari silk ribbon in gorgeous shades of green. Rather than iron the ribbon flat, I stitched them onto a piece of dupioni with all their wrinkles and charm. All that shimmer and shine called out to be repurposed around more cording.

challis baseI had some square mirrors that were perfect for this. They make a good contrast to the round shisha mirrors on the top rim.

Drink and Be Merry

Confession time, I didn’t stitch the felt balls. They were purchased already decorated. I bought them years ago at the quilt festival and have been waiting for the right project to use them. They are so quirky that they have been hard to place.

Be MerryI have titled this one “Drink and Be Merry.”

From the (third) beginning, I could tell that this time it was going to work out. Everything fell into place and I was finished within a week. I’m glad all my projects aren’t this finicky. I would never get anything done.

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3 Responses to Third Time’s the Charm

  1. Dee Dee says:

    Oh, my gosh… Lucy, this is pretty crazy awesome. Partly because I was let in on some of the process, but mostly because it is just wonderful!

  2. Some projects are just stroppy, but you persevered to a triumphant conclusion!

  3. Amy price says:

    Third time was a charm indeed! Very beautiful!

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