Super Size Those Church Banners Please

Banners fit for a beautiful large church need to be super-sized. For a sense of the scale, notice the organ between the banner on the left and the rightmost red column.

church in purple

Actually, the banners have been photoshopped into place. The church is in New York and I won’t be traveling up to see them hanging. They were delivered last week and will be hanging for Ash Wednesday through Lent at St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church.

Up to now, the largest banner that I had made was 11 ft long. These are 16 feet! At 65″ across, they are as wide as I am tall. By the square footage, these are 2.5 times larger than the next largest. That’s a lot of fabric; a lot of weight to handle. Lucky for me, I was able to get Martha to join in on the process. We turned out to be a great mother/daughter team. We made two sets, one purple one gold.

This is what the purple set look like:


Father Beck also wanted a set of neutral/gold for feast days. It’s not too easy to see in the photos, but many of the fabrics are shiny brocade and metallic fabrics. They really shine and catch the light.


I love the starburst pattern.


And the shine.

IMG_1564We were able to take pictures at a local store, Co-op Bookstore close to the LSU campus. They have a balcony in the store that was the perfect height for these banners. Thank you, Co-op for letting us use your space!


Thanks to Martha, too. She was the official photographer for this job.


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23 Responses to Super Size Those Church Banners Please

  1. alison cook says:

    WOW! those are GORGEOUS!!!! I can’t imagine working on such a huge project. you really knocked it out of the ballpark.

  2. Fabulous! Getting the scale right can be tricky, but these look like a great success.

  3. Dee Dee says:

    Truly beautiful and awe inspiring! Wonderful, Lucy!

  4. nita butler says:

    They are stunning. Great job! I am sure they will bring joy to many.

  5. Sue Mueller says:

    Amazing! You are an inspiration! The banners are extraordinary. I wish I could sit down and pick your brain on your creative process.

    • When it comes to fabric, sewing, and my art, I could talk your ear off!

      • Sue Mueller says:

        I would happily listen! I just finished a Lenten banner and it is partially hung as of today. Tomorrow we install the second half which is a crown of thorns made from a four foot wreath. It will sit in front of the “torn” banner/temple curtain. How did you calculate your yardage for these banners?

      • It depends upon the design and how much overlap of the pieces we expect. When the banners are 44 inches wide, I plan on 1.25 yd of colored fabric per yard of banner in most instances. I have done some other Lenten banners, one of which features the thorn bush in the desert. It’s one of my favorites. How large is your banner?

  6. Tracy Gallagher says:

    Beautiful! You did a wonderful job – just amazing!!! 🙂

  7. Jackie Fritsch says:

    They are beautiful! It is interesting that I am presently working on a parament for our church in the same color wave. In fact it is very similar, but thin lines of green also included with bits of orange and yellow. Based on Rayna Gillman’s book “Create your own free-form quilts”!

    Again, Love your banners!

    • I’d love to see what you are doing! I gave Rayna’s book to my mother and we played with it along with my sister. I rediscovered what I’ve long said: I’m not a quilter. I just don’t think in that manner. My little flat quilt was totally uninspiring. see it here

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  9. Toni Ericson says:

    Your banners are beautiful! Are the fabrics sewn onto a backing or are they ironed on/fused on somehow? It can certainly be a challenge to work on a large scale like that. I have made a few banners for our church, too, and have to think in an entirely different scale due to the size of the sanctuary.

    • Thank you. The fabrics are all fused on with Heat N Bond Ultra which can not be stitched. It is challenging to work on something this large. I use my livingroom floor as a work surface.

      • Toni Ericson says:

        Thank you for the information! I’ve used Heat n Bond but not the ultra version. Heavier fabrics like brocades are hard to fuse so I’ll bet the “ultra” product does a better job.


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  10. The brocades and other “shiny” fabrics made of synthetics do shrink when fusing so be careful!

  11. Mimi Walls says:

    What fabric do you use for the backing- the fabric that you fuse your strips to? Would a good white muslin work? Are your banners just a single fabric with fused pieces or do you have something on the back?

  12. Battista Castigglia says:

    Perhaps gather the material in the middle of the panel to break up the flatness in appearance and add a little extra dimension. The stripes will still ‘read’.

  13. Sandy says:

    Did you make the gold one in sections and then put it together
    to make the star effect? Also did you quilt it after fusing. I can’t tell

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