This post is a little late. I finished up this felt sculpture long before Christmas and am only just now getting around to posting pictures. We have a new computer and it has taken me a while to get comfortable with how it handles photos. I now know how to add a watermark. Slowly, slowly I am learning new things.

I have decided to name this piece Harmony.


You’ve seen the orange vessel part from way back in August. That’s when I started this piece. The green felt on the right is a felt that I made at a workday with the Contemporary Fiber Artist. I’ve been saving it for a couple of years and am thrilled to find a good use for it. It was made with three layers of wool: green, blue, and red. I love how all these colors work so well with the yellow/orange/pink.




DSCN1839I added some extra color with a bit of needle felting. Magenta in the flower and pink and green on the leaf curl.

DSCN1846I’ve got another felt sculpture in the works that I’m going to finish up in time to enter it, along with Harmony and In Her Handsin the 20 x 20 x 20 Compact Art show at the LSU Union Gallery. The deadline is February 6, so I will have to get busy!

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3 Responses to Harmony

  1. Dee Dee says:

    This is beautiful. I am still wrestling with the emotional responses to your fiber sculptures….

  2. nita butler says:

    amazing. Love how the color compliment each other.You make awesome sculptures.

  3. There are some lovely colours there. My sympathies over the computer problem. New computers are always a challenge!

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