Christmas Stockings

I’ve been very busy with lots of Christmas sewing and crafting. Most of what I’ve been making is for Christmas gifts and I can’t share pictures until after December 25th. But I will share the stockings I’ve made that are hanging on our mantle. Years ago, Burton’s Aunt Virgie made a set of crocheted stockings for our family. They have been the beloved backbone of the  holiday decorations in the living room. Now that our family has grown larger, it was time to expand and make more. Where once we had five, now we have eight! Nine, counting the cat stocking that Martha made for Venus.

??????????It was kind of tricky since I didn’t have the pattern for the stockings. I was able to make reasonable copies with only a few false starts. The biggest problem was that the yarn I had chosen was not as heavy or stiff which made the new stockings a little smaller and floppy.

Alison and Ryan have been married for over 2 years. It was about time that I tackled this stocking project. Crochet is not my thing. I do know how, but I’m not totally skilled in this craft. While I was at it, I made a stocking for Stephanie, Matt’s girlfriend, too. And of course grandbaby Michael had to have a stocking. I didn’t want his to be like all the others. He’s just a baby. But of course he will grow up, so I couldn’t make a cute, tiny stocking unless I were prepared to make another later on. No, this one will have to be his permanent stocking. I found an adorable pattern at lemondedesucrette. I followed the basic pattern, but enlarged it considerably. As long as no more grandchildren appear for a few years, I can now put away the crochet hook.


Not having a large yarn stash, my mother-in-law, Mimi, gave me some skeins from her collection. I was lucky with the blue. In the end, there was only a tiny amount left over. I would have been doing something creative if I had run short at the end. At this late date, there wouldn’t have been much time to start over.

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2 Responses to Christmas Stockings

  1. nita says:

    you did great. the stockings are really cute.

  2. Well done – and in plenty of time, too!

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