White Embroidered Peasant Blouse

Last year I made a peasant blouse, here, that quickly became one of my favorite things to wear. It was made of a printed cotton lawn that was lightweight and cool with just enough body. It seemed like a good idea to use that same pattern to make another blouse. On a trip to Houston, I bought a length of embroidered cotton batiste. Instead of the usual floral pattern, this one has circles. As much as I love the fabric, I didn’t consider how itchy it would be. The fabric is rather sheer, however it is stiff and scratchy. It doesn’t fold or flow gracefully. I’ve been washing it in every load of whites in my laundry trying to soften it up. It hasn’t yet worked. I do wear it and I’m still hopeful that it will age well.


I also made it tunic length. Not sure I like that either. In the spring when I get it out again to wear, I may cut it shorter.

The fabric didn’t photograph well, but you can see the embroidery pattern somewhat.

??????????It has a modern feel that I really like. If only I had paid more attention to the scratchy nature of the stitching. The stitching is quite dense and all that thread really added stiffness and a scratchy texture to the fabric.

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2 Responses to White Embroidered Peasant Blouse

  1. It looks nice in the photo, but “scratchy” really isn’t good in the summer – it makes you feel hotter, doesn’t it!

  2. Julie Gausvik says:

    It’s cute, Lucy!! I think it looks great on you. You could be a folk dancer!!! Scratchy isn’t good, though. Julie G.

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