Baby Clothes

What an exciting two weeks I’ve just had! I’ve been holding onto the good news and now it has finally come. My new grandchild! Yes, I am a new grandmother! My daughter and her husband have a baby boy! Can you tell how thrilled I am? He was born on October 22, 2014. I flew up to stay with them to help out for a little while. They have settled in nicely and now I’m back home again.

Like any good sewing grandma, I was making baby clothes before his birth. Not knowing if he were to be a boy or girl, I stuck to the basics. That’s all he needs anyhow, right? The problem is that everything I made for him is too large. At 7 lbs 10 oz, he isn’t that tiny. So why are newborn patterns so huge? At least he can grow into them.

First on the request list from the new parents was a cat suit. It is a jacket and pants set made from Simplicity 1566 in XS, 7-13 lbs, 1-3 months. This thing is HUGE. I did adapt the hood to add the cat ears.


Isn’t he adorable? He was born two weeks ahead of schedule and was here in time for Halloween.

These sleep sacks are from an online freebie from Running with Scissors. I really like the pattern. The crossover neck is very convenient for easy dressing and the elastic bottom makes nighttime changes easy too. Fold over cuffs keep the baby from scratching himself with his little flailing arms. I did make a slight change. I didn’t bind the neck; I turned it under and finished it with a scallop stitch. I also used a finished edge binding on the sleeves rather than a raw edge. These sleep sacks were not hard to make and don’t require much fabric. The problem, as above, is that they are really big. The pattern does say newborn to 6 months. I’d say more towards the 6 month end.

??????????With a little left over fabric from the sleep sacks, I made a pair of pants (the green ones on the left) with a free pattern from Pieces by Polly. This is a really simple pair of pants that, while also too large for this newborn, will be great for him to wear later. The gray pants on the right are from Craftsy. They have a bum panel in the back that can be a different fabric. Both of these patterns are marked for newborns; both are much larger than the store-bought newborn pants. I plan to make more of both of these, however I’ll be cutting the patterns down before I do.



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7 Responses to Baby Clothes

  1. Maryvonne says:

    A little one to love – what a joy. It’s the best feeling one can ever have. Congratulations.

  2. Dee Dee says:

    He is beautiful!!!! And I love everything you made for him.

  3. Congratulations – and a great excuse for an orgy of sewing!

  4. nita butler says:

    Congrats to you and your family. He is just so cute!!!Love all the new garments you made for him!

  5. alison cook says:

    WONDERFUL NEWS! I know you’re happy now. and that cat suit is adorable – wasn’t sure which one was the cat and which was the baby!

  6. Blackbandaid says:


  7. linda Walker says:

    adorable picture of him with the cat! So happy for you and the whole family! Darling clothes. See you soon!!!

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