Disappointments in Stitching

It has been so long since my last post. I’ll start my catching up with one of my disappointments, the embroidery that I call Swimming With the Stingrays. I last stitched on it during our vacation in the Smoky Mountains at the end of July. It has been moving slowly and I’m not sure that I like where it is going. Some of the stitching is destined to be undone. I just haven’t brought myself to rip it out yet. I tell myself that I’m still deciding, but, like a band aid that needs to come off, I should rip it off and be done with it. I have decided to abandon the idea that the finished embroidery will be a sampler of stitches from Sue Spargo’s book. It’s not working out as I thought it would. I want the freedom to choose any stitch, not merely the next stitch in that chapter.

Most disappointing and annoying of all is that I’ve forgotten which stitches are which! What good is a sampler with unknown stitches? Burton’s swim trunks here are stitched in a knotted stitch of some sort.

??????????These are two other knotted stitches. I can identify the pink and green. It is corded coral stitch.

??????????Yet another knotted stitch on Alison’s swim suit.

??????????And a fifth knotted stitch on Matt’s pants, which is strange because I only have 4 knotted stitches marked in the book as having been stitched.

??????????This fish has fins of rosette chain combined with a little backstitch and a few straight stitches. This one I like a lot. Yeah!

??????????And for the biggest disappointment: this next fish is just plain ugly.

??????????I like the green spine. The rest is questionable. I sort of like the yellow, but not with the rest. The blue and red have to go. The yellow? I’m not sure yet. What do you think?

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6 Responses to Disappointments in Stitching

  1. Robyn Sweeney says:

    Although I don’t know much about you, and I am not medically qualified, I wonder if you are clinically depressed. You sound sad and lethargic. Sometimes I put so much stress on the outcome of a sewing/quilting project. In the bigger picture, does it matter that much if this and that stitch is perfect.? I put on loud music, the genre depends on my mood, and make decisions, rip it out, shelve it and let it go, or just plain sew something mindless and easy. Something that will get a reasonably guaranteed success. For me I make community quilts knowing that they will be appreciated even with wonky, imperfect stitches.
    Good luck

    • Thank you for your concern. I am not depressed, clinically or otherwise. I have been in a contemplative state of mind lately, however. By nature, I am quiet. I am not very talkative, and sometimes it is difficult for me to put words to thoughts. The problem this time was that the longer I stayed away from posting, the harder it was to write anything. I’m glad I finally got over that writers block. I will be keeping up better now that I know how hard it is to restart my word engine.

  2. Maybe use several different shades of green instead of the yellow, blue, and red?

  3. Christine says:

    Well, I am always inspired by what you do, but it is somewhat reassuring that you have disappointments and rip-outs too. I have been looking forward to seeing how this particular piece is turning out. I do like the spine, but agree that the red and blue are distracting. Keep on inspiring me.

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