An Abundance of Felt

Another felt vessels is finished. Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures before I sent it off to the library exhibit. Rats. I do have an in-the-work picture and one from the exhibit at the library that I can share. Real pictures will have to wait for its return.

I have entitled it “Abundance.”

??????????I started the embellishment on this side which has the dripping red that I love. This stitching was taking a long time to complete and time was a resource I was running out of. This is all the stitching that the blue part ended up with. I had to turn my attention to the pink rim and the red flare. A bit of pink silk and needle felted yellow wool roving highlighted with rows and rows of running stitch transformed the top of the vessel. The flare has a couched yarn and some pistil stitches and detached chains with a long tails.

image - CopyMy pictures of it in the display case were awful. Martha was with me and, being the total artist that she is, was able to get better shots with her phone than I did with my camera. Mine were full of reflections and distractions. Hers were a good bit better.

There is one more felt vessel that I am working on. It wasn’t finished in time for the exhibit. I’m almost finished with it now and should have pictures to put up soon.

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4 Responses to An Abundance of Felt

  1. Nita says:

    WOW! Lucy I love this piece. Beautiful colors and I just love the whole design of it. Wow

  2. A very dramatic piece! My sympathy with the photography problem – it’s much harder than it looks, isn’t it!

  3. Pat says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Your creations are always very beautiful! However…

    Your blog page comes to me as plain text on a yellow background. The images don’t appear and the links don’t work.

    I would like to unsubscribe, but that link doesn’t work either. I’m sorry. I hope you can take care of this from your end.

    Pat Strike

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