Running Stitch

Back to working on my stitch-a-long embroidery and it seems I am doing this alone now. The group has fallen apart and that leaves me as the only one interested in following along in the book Creative Stitching. I will continue on and perhaps the others will join in from time to time. Today I have pictures, finally, of the rest of the running stitch family. I’ve posted pictures of the eel which used the double laced double running stitch. These latest pics show: running stitch, whipped running stitch,

DSCN0625and threaded running stitch.


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4 Responses to Running Stitch

  1. I feel as though blogland has gone a bit quiet too – maybe everyone is busy stitching instead of writing about it, and they’ll all catch up with you later?

    There’s just enough texture in the stitching here to bring the edges into focus , isn’t there..

  2. Nita Butler says:

    Lucy I am loving this more and more. The embroidery adds just the right amount of detail to set of the individual pieces. It isgoing to awesome when finished!

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