Playing with Felt

We’re Back! Our little Be*Mused group has, after months of inactivity, had another playday. It was so great to devote a whole day to creating with my friends.  Lisa and I pulled out our felt, which had been untouched for more than a year in my case, and Susan painted in her journal. I’ve had two felt “blanks” languishing in my sewing closet for more than a year now. One was started in a class last year and the other was started at a workday following that. The class was so fabulous; I was riding a wave of enthusiasm. Then I decided that I didn’t really like either of them very much and put them away to think more. At our latest meeting of the Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana, it was announced that we will have a show at a local library to display our felted vessels. That’s all I needed to drag out my felt and begin again. They are not yet finished; I am planning to stitch and otherwise embellish them.

I did not like the colors of this first felt. My solution? I turned it inside out. The blue is a little boring, but seemed to have more potential than the yellow. The yellow is seen only in small glimpses now. I also like the way the red seems to drip down the side here.

blossoming vessel

blossoming vessel 2blossoming vessel 3This next one can be seen at its beginnings on this post here if you scroll all the way to the bottom. It’s resting in a candle holder for now because I’ve left the bottom round. I’ll be cutting into it and manipulating it in some way to make it stand alone. Maybe. We’ll see.

vessel 2vesselI wish I had brought my camera to show what Lisa’s looked like. She also worked on two half-begun vessels. Hers are amazing. I’m so glad we did this yesterday. I would have had such a hard time doing this by myself. When the three of us get together, we get so much creativity flying and things happen!

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3 Responses to Playing with Felt

  1. It sounds like a great day!

  2. Shasta says:

    Looks like you had a lot if fun!

  3. alison cook says:

    WOW! I fell in love with that first one with the blue/purple outside and the hot pink/yellow inside. it’s WONDERFUL!

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