Embroidered Eel

Rachel of VirtuoSewAdventures commented on my last post wondering if I would be dyeing the lace used for the corals and underwater plants in my embroidery. If only I had thought of that myself before I had it all stitched on! I do like it the color it is, but then again I would have liked it in other colors too. In fact, I have chosen an orange lace for the area that surrounds the eel. The orange is such an unusual color and I love it. It’s not too late to rip all or some of the lace off, dye it, and restitch it back on. I’m just not sure I want to go there however.

Before I could sew on the orange lace medallions I had to get the eel in place. The eel we saw while snorkeling was hiding is some rocks. This eel has orange “rocks” for his hiding hole. One half-medallion was stitched on first to go behind the eel.

eel 1Since he had to be completed before the rest of the lace could be sewn on, I had to do some of the embroidery stitches out of order. The double laced double running stitch that goes down the center of his body is one of the group of stitches that we are starting with in the sew-a-long. The French knot of his eye, which is toward the end of the book and not in the starting group, just couldn’t wait. I didn’t want my poor eel to be sightless and empty headed waiting for me to get to the knotted stitches chapter. And actually, the satin stitch of his face and the buttonhole stitch of his fins aren’t even included in the book we are stitching from. Chances are that I’ll be including some other “not part of the program” stitches by the time I’m done.

eel 2BTW, the book we are using is Sue Spargo’s Creative Stitching. It’s a great book for creative use of stitches in applique.

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7 Responses to Embroidered Eel

  1. I think the orange works.

  2. Maryvonne says:

    Love your eels. Love your work and the use you make of simple embroidery stitches. Where can I find Sue Spargo’s book: Creative Stitching?

  3. nita says:

    Love the eel. Amd I also think the orange appliques are just the ticket!Good job!

  4. What a lovely eel – he even looks as though he’s enjoying himself!

  5. Jeannette says:

    Your eel amongst the “rocks’ looks super!

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