Sew-a-Long Embroidery

After all the swimmers were in place, it was time to add some elements to the sandy sea floor. I want to fill the bottom with coral and plant life. Fabric applique didn’t seem to be quite the right choice, yet I needed more variety than embroidery alone can provide. Digging around in my closet, I pulled out my box of heavy laces and found just what I wanted.

This first area is filled with some snippets of tatting. The two lighter medallions were tatted by my grandmother late in her life. She used to make tatted ornaments and bookmarks quite a lot. The darker pieces, which are much older, were what I think was a collar. I have no idea who made it. It was in my grandmother’s sewing box, so it is likely her work. Some of the links had been partially cut to release the curve. I cut it into three pieces and cleaned up the raveled bits. The linear pieces of single tatting were my trials from last year when I was relearning my tatting.

lace 1These three starfish are also some of my grandmother’s work. They are crochet medallions that are older than the tatted medallions, but not as old as the collar. The rose was in a box of fragments that Carmel, a doll friend, gave to me when her eyes got too bad for her to make dolls any more. It is a beautiful, heavy piece of lace.

lace 2These lace appliques were also from Carmel’s box. I think these especially look like sea grasses.

lace 3

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5 Responses to Sew-a-Long Embroidery

  1. Are you going to dye any of these, or are they staying as shades of cream and sand?

    • I was planning to leave them cream or white, but you’ve made me reconsider. I am planning to add multicolored embroidery to the bottom area and on top of the lace. Maybe I should have dyed them first. I’m not big on dyeing so it didn’t even cross my mind.

      • What I’ve just finished up and will be posting soon is and eel surrounded by some orange lace medallions. Considering how much I liked the orange in this lace, I really should have thought about coloring the beige lace. Thank you for the idea!

      • It’s not something I do, either, but it is something I do occasionally consider….

  2. Jeannette says:

    What a beautiful piece you are making and especially meaningful with your grandmothers tatting and crocheting. Just lovely 🙂

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