I’ve been working slowly and steadily on my sew-a-long embroidery. We had a sew-a-long gathering a couple of weeks ago that I missed due to being out of town visiting family. I’ve still been working, however. I’ve not really gotten to the embroidery part yet. It is going to have appliqued features in addition to the embroidery and that is what I need to do first. What I had done first was the running stitch. It was used to join the background pieces together. That was done simply in pearl cotton. Now I’ve added the figures. This embroidery will illustrate the snorkeling trip we took in the Cayman Islands when we swam with the stingrays. I’ve used our photos from that trip for reference and have included the whole family.

snorkelersIt looks like we are swimming in an aquarium tank!

We have no faces yet; I haven’t quite figured out how I’ll do the snorkel masks. All the pieces are raw edge appliqued and stitched on with a whip stitch. To give more opaqueness, I backed all the skin fabrics with a fusible interfacing. That will prevent raveling too. I’ll be embroidering over the edges of most things, but probably not the body parts. I still have to applique all the fish and stingrays and perhaps some sea grasses and corals before I’ll begin to do the embroidery fun part.

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3 Responses to Sew-a-long

  1. Dianne Sahakian says:

    Your swimming trip on fabric is beautiful.

  2. A good start indeed – and the “fun bits”, as you say, will add a whole new dimension!

  3. Interesting and different, nice work!

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