Valentine for a Friend

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. It’s not a holiday that I usually celebrate in a big way. This year, however, I was inspired by a photo of twin granddaughters for my friend Diane. They were only a few weeks old and wearing cute, bright red snuggle suits. The way they had begun to lean over while propped in a chair suggested a heart shape to me and I couldn’t help thinking what a wonderful Valentine they would make. Time for me to break out my paper supplies and make a paper doll!

diane's valentineIt would have worked out so much nicer had my printer not been acting up. Every try had streaks on them.

snow day 2014 024Lola on the left and Lucy on the right. They are precious little girls.

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3 Responses to Valentine for a Friend

  1. nita says:

    Very sweet!Wonderful keepsake!

  2. It’s exasperating when the technology acts up, isn’t it!

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