More Goat Embroidery

I’ve been busy stitching on my little goat. The ground fabric is rather busy. Much busier than it appears at first. The stitching that I’ve added for the grass and plants seem to blend right in depending on the lighting. And that’s OK. Some of the colors were chosen for subtlety. The goat is the main element and the background is for texture.

DSCN0162Little goat is now more at home in his world. I’ve added tiny Chinese knot flowers and other flowers of detached chain and pistol stitch in the foreground. In the middle there is wheat ear stitch, stem stitch, running stitch, and fly stitch. Way in the distance, on the horizon, is a row of lavender pistol stitch.

Next up is the sun and the sky. The sun will have to be kind of jazzy to keep up with the rest of the embroidery. I usually go for understated, so this is heavy embellishing for me. It’s a fun switch.

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4 Responses to More Goat Embroidery

  1. nita says:

    Wow… just keeps getting better! I love it Lucy!

  2. Dee Dee Wilbert says:

    Just wonderful to see!

  3. Jeannette says:

    Looking great! I really like the row of pistil stitches in the back and all the wheatear stitches look super.

  4. Mary says:

    My husband and I are happy to see Mr. Goat has a field of yummy things to eat.

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