New Pants for Me

In a spurt of clothing sewing, I have completed two new pairs of pants.

A pair of green twill pants.

green twillAnd purple denim capris.

purple denim capriThis purple denim was bought as the end of the bolt. There wasn’t enough to do both the yoke and pockets AND full length. I opted for capri length so that I could keep the yoke and pockets. What good is a pair of pants without pockets? Lucky for me it’s still warm enough here in Louisiana to wear the shorter length now and into December.

Both are variations of my favorite pants pattern which is a rub off of jeans that I love. Both are made of stretch cotton. That makes them comfy to wear and move around in.

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3 Responses to New Pants for Me

  1. Yvonne Nathanson says:

    Love your pants and they fir you so nicely, too. ;-)) Yvonne

  2. alison cook says:

    those are both FABULOUS! much more well-made than store bought (ooooh, bad grammar!).

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