Lucy and Lola

My friend Diane is soon to become a grandmother! Twice over! Her daughter is having twin girls, due in December. Two little girls for her to cuddle and spoil. Ask me if I’m jealous. Maybe a little bit.

There will be a baby shower at the end of September for the upcoming birth and I will be ready. By special request, I’ve made dolls. For Lucy and Lola.

Twin dollsThey are such a playful pair. See them climb the tree!Twins in treeThey like to share secrets. They are the best of friends.Twins in grassI don’t often make dolls for play, so these were a nice change of pace. These two should be sturdy enough for young children’s play. The appliqued hair will remain forever tangle free and permanently coiffed. Plus there are no shoes and socks to lose. Now I know that the girls won’t be old enough for the dolls for a couple of years. I’ve kind of jumped ahead a little. But they will keep. They will be ready when Lucy and Lola are.

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5 Responses to Lucy and Lola

  1. alison cook says:

    LOVE those. just enough alike and just enough difference to make them both happy!

  2. nita Butler says:

    Very cute Lucy.I like the hair that you gave them, that was a great idea. I am sure the girls will have many years of enjoyment with the special dollies you created just for them.

  3. The hair workead beautifully – what a fantastic idea, much better than plaited wool!

  4. Queeniepatch says:

    Who knows, L&L might like looking, touching and having the dolls around long before they are old enough to play properly with them.

  5. Connie says:

    Wonderful dolls. I would like to see a tutorial on how you did the hair.

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