Three Embroidered Faces

I have some new faces for more spirit dolls to share! These were designed to compliment a few of my stash piles, those plastic bins that hold things I like that seem to form a collection. It may seem like I’m cleaning out old stash, but in reality, those bins will quickly be refilled with more stuff from my closet. The bins are only a small part of my stash. More on them later. Today it’s pictures of the faces.

This first one was begun last spring and then put aside when other things came up. She came out again when I needed a hand work project to take to a stitch gathering of friends.


These two were stitched partly while riding in the car on a trip to visit my mother-in-law. Not the best place to be stitching.

DSCN9853DSCN9852I decided against stitching the headdress on the last one. I’ll put a real one on her when the time comes.

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4 Responses to Three Embroidered Faces

  1. nita says:

    very very cool.

  2. A great start – I am looking forward to seeing these come to life!

  3. Connie says:

    These faces are really interesting. Do you draw them first on your fabric or just wing it with the stitching?

    • I do draw them on the fabric with a mechanical pencil. These three came from my sketchbook. I had been sketching faces from masks seen in museums either in person or from photos. I taught a class on this method at Artistic Figures in Fabric last April in Ohio. It was lots of fun and my students stitched some wonderful faces.

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