Spirit Figure is Finished

Sometimes when I’m working on a doll it takes a while for all the elements to come together to be a whole. Sometimes everything falls into place with little effort. This most recent spirit figure was of the latter kind. She started with an embroidered face from my design wall and a small box of fabrics and trims from my stash. When I sort through my fabric and trims, I like to play with the colors, patterns, and textures. If I see a grouping that I love, I gather it all together in a plastic shoe box and store it on my shelves. I have a dozen or so boxes filled with different assortments of things. There they sit, waiting for inspiration to strike me. This time the face and fabrics spoke loudly. Their voices were clear and I had no trouble putting form to the sounds. In just a few days, she was finished.

At Journey's EndShe is The Long Journey.

long journey 2Her cloak is a scrap of hand-woven yarns, subtly colored and wonderfully textured. I stitched a row of chain stitch around the edges to help hold it together. A fringe of shells along the bottom edge gives it a bit of weight.

long journey 3Her face is stitched on some of my hand dyed fabric. I’ve used a twisted chain on the eyebrows. It makes a great line there. Other stitches are fly, outline, backstitch, and straight stitch.

long journey close up long journey 4

Extra embroidery on the body in a few large stitches unifies the fabrics and add lots of texture.

long journey 5long journey 6

Next up on my worktable is a doll for the Treasures of the Gypsy challenge. It’s all sewn, cut out, and partially stuffed. This one has a deadline so she’ll be done soon, I hope.


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10 Responses to Spirit Figure is Finished

  1. Patricia McGregor says:

    She is wonderful. What is her base? At first I thought she had a cone but I think it’s something else. Patricia


  2. alison cook says:

    beautiful – so much going on there. thanks so much for sharing and inspiring.

  3. Linda Murdoch says:

    Lover her!

  4. Delightful – calm and thoughtful.

  5. Linda says:

    she really speaks to me, Lucy. Grateful for your energy, focus, eye for beauty, and willingness to share your creative ideas. xoxox

  6. Julie Gausvik says:

    Lucy, I love her spirit and your spirit!! So wonderful. Her ethnic sensibility really speaks to me, and her calmness. Thank you for sharing. Love from Julie

  7. Queeniepatch says:

    Dreamy, mystical and beautiful.

  8. Iris Bodell says:

    Yes, she is wonderful. I love her detail.

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