Back to Dolls Again

After sewing clothing for much of the summer, I’ve made a turn and am now focusing my stitching on dolls. You may think it’s because I’ve run out of fabric for clothing in my stash, but think again. That is not the case. Although I’ve made a good size dent in the summer fabrics, there are still plenty more especially for fall and winter wear. No, my change of focus is because of a cleaning spurt in my sewing studio. While cleaning up and putting away all the remains of the latest projects, I came across some inspiring fabrics that just happened to speak to one of the embroidered faces I had on my design wall. It’s a face I made as a sample for the Embroidered Faces class that I taught at AFICC last April. Seeing the face in combination with the fabrics and trims made me want to jump right into a new spirit figure. And one has been started.

DSCN9697I wanted a simple shape for the body, but one with some interest and the impression of movement. That called for a complex pattern that would allow the figure to bend and twist.

DSCN9715 - CopyDSCN9711 - CopyDSCN9712 - CopyI think he is performing a spirit dance.

The fun part of embellishment comes next. I’m planning to do some embroidery on his body to use some of the new stitches I learned doing the TAST challenge. I’d like to make him richly textured without going over the top extreme.

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5 Responses to Back to Dolls Again

  1. alison cook says:

    i love seeing your works in progress – they’re very inspiring. thanks and keep those photos coming!

  2. nita butler says:

    Love his face! Wow…love the fabrics too.Great job!

  3. craftymadre says:

    I love his shape and fabrics you chose. I can’t wait to see the finished project. Your dolls are magnificent.

  4. Linda says:

    Your willingness to try new shapes and forms amazes me! I’ve had some conversations lately with folks who’ve been involved with Native American communities so that’s what I was reminded of immediately upon seeing your post.

  5. How lovely to be able to respond instantly to the inspiration!

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