Creative Sewing Camp Week 2

I think I have found the solution to the creative slump: gather together six girls in one place every afternoon for 3 hours, 5 days. Add in 6 sewing machines, fabric, thread, and scissors and watch the fun fly. By Friday afternoon, I may be exhausted, but I am filled with enthusiasm and the desire to get busy sewing my own creations.

Final tally of projects: 2 purses, 4 skirts, 2 sundresses, and an ice skating costume.

Claire and bagClaire made this cute red bandana print bag and a hi/low skirt. She didn’t have a top to wear with the skirt and didn’t want to model it today.

SydneySydney, a first time stitcher, chose a more complex bag. She did a marvelous job with all the pockets, flaps, and magnetic snaps. It even matches her outfit.

Claire and dressOur second Claire made a sundress, also hi/low. She successfully installed an invisible zipper and learned how to sew darts.

EmilyEmily choose a polished cotton for her sundress. With an invisible zipper, lots of tucks, and heavy gathering, it was a challenging pattern, but she did a great job.

CamilleCamille fell in love with this pattern and insisted she could make it. She was right! Sewing dancewear fabric is not easy, but taken one step at a time she conquered the ice skating costume.

Not shown is Kate. She was busy all week sewing 3 skirts. She opted out of the photo shoot for lack of a coordinating top.

Every year, I start sewing camp with curiosity to see what will happen. And every year I end up filled with admiration for the adventurous spirits that my students show. These girls aren’t afraid of trying anything. They are learning new skills and are having fun, too. That’s a lesson we all could use.

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One Response to Creative Sewing Camp Week 2

  1. Queeniepatch says:

    The key to enjoyably building skills is a good teacher! The girls have created fantastic things. Well done, all!

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