Celebration Give-Away

I’m celebrating! There are now over 100 followers to my blog! Thank you to all my readers for your support and encouragement. To honor all of you who read PlayfulStitching, I will be giving away a spirit figure. She comes from my Sweet Potato series, a group of dolls whose bodies are drawn from actual sweet potatoes. She embodies several of my passions: doll making, embroidery, and felting.

sweet potato flat dollLittle Flame is a flat doll designed to hang on a wall. Her body is made of needle felted wool and silk and is embellished with embroidery and shiny trinkets. Her face is pen and colored pencil on fabric. She is 10″ long including the tail.

Everyone who comments by midnight July 12, CST, one week from now, will have their name drawn by lottery to win Little Flame.

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38 Responses to Celebration Give-Away

  1. Carol Burrows says:

    Wonder what she is thinking?

  2. JOYCE BANNON says:

    She seems very lovely and yet a little mysterious. Must have been fun.

  3. nita butler says:

    OHHHH please enter me to win. Love the dollie!And love your work!

  4. SnowFlake says:

    Wow, she looks soo delicate and pretty!! I would love to have her!! 🙂

  5. Frau Frosch says:

    She looks sad and mysterious, too. A thoughtful sage woman. Oriental. I love it.

  6. craftymadre says:

    She’s lovely. I’ve always wanted to try felting. It looks so fun. The embellishments almost make her look like a mermaid with a tail and a little fin on the side.

  7. Ruth palmer says:

    ‘Little Flame is a most compelling reason to enter this give away. Any one of us will be proud to have in our doll collection

  8. Sandy says:

    She looks like she is being a little “coy” the way her face is covered on the one side…
    She is beautiful!

  9. Queeniepatch says:

    You have made such good use of colour (warm and cold) and the ornaments add a lovely touch.

  10. I love, love, love her…..she is so hot!!!! (Get it!!! Flame-red…)

  11. Christine Lenz says:

    She’s beautiful. I love her eyes.

  12. Yvonne Nathanson says:

    She is wonderful with the needle felted body.

  13. kimber says:

    She is a beauty! And, of course, we are interested in what you have to share!!!

  14. I think she has a secret she is just waiting to tell the right person…LOL She is very beautiful and her eyes are alluring.

  15. Susan says:

    She is really gorgeous, I just love the way she is peeking out, just giving a knowing smile

  16. Katie Bock says:

    She is quite lovely.Great Job.

  17. Cherie says:

    Like everyone else, I think Little Flame is fantastic! Beautifully done !

  18. Julie Gausvik says:

    What beautiful, mysterious thoughts are going through her mind? She is very mysterious!! I adore your work!! Love from Julie

  19. Laura says:

    I love the colours you used and the expression on her face-she is beautiful!

  20. Cynthia Wentworth says:

    Love Little Flame. Just joined your followers. Spent at least an hour reading your blog. Wonderful!

  21. Tiggy says:

    Love the colors! They remind me of a beach sunset!

  22. Patricia says:

    I have made many of your dolls but have never seen your Sweet Potato collection. Little Flame is
    beautifully mysterious, or shy. You have inspired me to stretch my imagination to try something
    outside the two arms/two legged dolls. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

    • Which of my dolls have you made? I always love to see pictures.

      • Patricia says:

        I have made a variety of ‘Wild Things’ for baby gifts. They are always well received and loved. l should have taken photos but never thought of it at the time. Do you ever have classes/patterns for your Sweet Potato collection?

  23. Maryvonne says:

    I love what you do. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now and am amazed at how life like your dolls can be – especially the old ladies! LOL

  24. Her eyes are full of emotion, she has secrets to tell of the earth that she comes from! Her body is woman intensified.
    Congrats on all your followers!
    Our creativity is what keeps our hearts and minds full!
    Gloria Nickolis-Doll Street Dreamer

  25. dot lewallen says:

    Wonderful. I’ve always thought that veggies would be great inspiration! Love what you’ve been doing & it was fun to see you again in April

  26. Ann maullin says:

    Love her. The leaf charms are lovely and give her an aura of mystery. Well done regards ann maullin

  27. Gail Holland says:

    I really like how you combine your love of embroidery and dolls!
    Gail Holland

  28. Little Flame is beautiful. Love those mysterious green eyes (they talk to you).

  29. Beautiful! Love her face! Wonderful colors!
    Helen Grossman

  30. pame2013 says:

    Great incentive. I like the mixed media and charms, as Flame’s face peer coyly out of her hair/garment. Inventive!

  31. Rachel says:

    She’s delightful,love the colour of her wrap!

  32. Connie Allen says:

    She is so cute. I love following your activities, and the different things you do. Keep on stitching!

  33. Ani in NC says:

    Lovely work! She would surely be good company in my creative room! I’m now a follower too! Best, Ani in NC

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