Handmade Fashion Week-Girl Style

What do you call six girls gathered around my kitchen table every afternoon for a week of sewing frenzy?  CREATIVE SEWING CAMP!

Yesterday marked the end of the first week of sewing camp. As always, it was an exuberant bunch. Starting on Monday, there was much excitement in the house and it didn’t let up at all. By Friday, the girls were working feverishly to finish their outfits. This was an ambitious group of girls. The articles of clothing that they choose were not super simple to make, but not out of reach of their skill levels. The finished outfits are well done and they can be proud to wear their creations.

camp 2013-1Meredith made a pink and green frog covered nightshirt with buttons and buttonholes. Caroline models her long, colorful, summer shift. Ava is wearing her new skort. Under the skirt exterior is a pair of shorts, all connected at the waistband.

camp 2013-2Pia chose hot pink and fuchsia for a sundress with pizzazz. Jessica took the same idea in a different direction with her dark and light blue dress. The fabric they used is a crinkle gauze which makes them deserving of extra credit for a job well done.

camp 2013-3Lindsey has on her princess seam, halter sundress.  She put in her first zipper this week.

Congratulations to all for some amazing sewing!

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10 Responses to Handmade Fashion Week-Girl Style

  1. craftymadre says:

    That sounds like a blast!!! Nice work.

  2. Gloria says:

    Lindsey had a blast! Thanks so much, Lucy. Lindsey has caught the sewing bug and was up until 1 am on the sewing machine.

  3. alison cook says:

    WOW!!! they’re so much farther along than I am and I’ve got lots of age on them – congrats to them all!

  4. nita butler says:

    Wow All the girls did a superior job! Congrats to them and their instructor!

  5. Queeniepatch says:

    They must have had fun while making their new outfits, and will have a lot of fun wearing them.
    Great teacher!

  6. Beverly says:

    Sewing camp, what a fun idea! And girls projects all look so well made.

  7. Ellen says:

    Wow! I’m very impressed. What patterns did they use? I’d love to have more details, as I’d love to do something like this with some of my granddaughters. Please share more details! They all look so lovely.

    • I let the students choose their own pattern. That keeps them truly invested in their sewing. It does make it kind of crazy here, especially on the first day when we get started. I can’t say that I would recommend any of these particular patterns. An eight year old with no sewing experience would do well with pajama pants or a simple pull on skirt, minimal gathers. The older girls in this class had sewn with me before and tackled zippers. I think invisible zippers are much easier to install and the results are prettier. They only appear to be difficult.

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