Australia Sketchbook Embroideries

I’ve finished putting together my bits and pieces of embroidery that were part of my Australian needlework. When I stitched the background, I had no notion of what it would become. I had decided to start with parallel lines of running stitch is a variety of colors with a mixture of different orientations thrown in for good measure. As it turned out, the lines reminded me of school notebook paper. I stitch on the embroidered animals with a raw edge, fast running stitch style and then filled in the lines with journaling. The black text helps to integrate the colorful patches into the whole.

australian sketch embroideryIt really is just a preliminary, a sketchbook sort of thing, to help me figure out what I will make to commemorate this fantastic adventure to Australia.

*I’ve stitched two other trip commemoratives:

Paris quiltIn 2005-2006 Alison studied abroad in Paris at the Sorbonne. Burton, Martha, and I visited her over Thanksgiving break in 2005. Paris was as beautiful and romantic as it has been described for ages.

Thanks to my children, I’ve seen parts of the world where I wouldn’t have visited if they hadn’t been there.

*And there is this one, a compilation of our many trips to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park:The Smokies quiltI stitched it a long time ago and have added more hiking patches as we have hiked more trails. Sadly the patches are no longer being made, so several of our hikes are undocumented.

My personal style has changed quite a bit since I made these last two. I’m doing so much hand embroidery now; it is sure to be featured in some way in the Australian piece. I’ll also be using the Australian hand dyed fabric from Sharon. Other than that, I have no plans yet at all. Time will tell.

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7 Responses to Australia Sketchbook Embroideries

  1. Dee Dee Wilbert says:

    Wonderful, Lucy. I love your posts….

  2. Rachel says:

    The Australian one is a very different style to the other two. It’s always interesting to see how someone’s work changes and develops over time..

  3. nita says:

    Lucy what a wonderful idea to keep memories of your trips! Wow. Loved them all!

  4. craftymadre says:

    Those are beautiful. What a great way to remember a trip (aside from the ordinary scrapbook).

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