Australia the Beautiful

This month, I’ve been on a sixteen day trip around Australia with my husband and son. Add in 49 hours of travel time there and back and 7 in interior flights, and it’s easy to see why I’ve been so tired. I’ve been home for more than a week and only now begun to feel normal. I have sorely neglected my blog! Sorry to all my readers.

Matthew lives in Perth, a beautiful city on the west coast. DH and I flew there first to meet up with him. While there we drove south to the Margaret River region where we took in the gorgeous coastline, vineyards, chocolate factory, venison ranch, and silkworm farm among other sites. Margaret River

Here we are overlooking Margaret River. I am wearing a scarf made with silk grown in Australia.

From Perth we flew to Melbourne for a stay and a side trip to the Grampians National Park. We hiked several of the shorter trails through the mountains although we were hampered by drizzling rain and fog. There were no views visible the first day on the mountain. It is winter over there after all. Next on the itinerary was Tasmania. We flew into Hobart where I met up with a great group of fellow doll makers. Sharon and I had met on Dollstreetdreamers online doll club and she organized a little get together with a few of the members of her doll club. What a great, friendly bunch! They were so warm and welcoming. It was as if I had traveled all the way just to meet them. Sharon, who makes wonderful dolls here, was so kind to give me a little gift of some fabrics, hand dyed with natural materials of eucalyptus, wattle, hop bush, and bracken. It puts shame to my feeble attempts at dyeing. Sharon's hand dyesShe had them tied up in a neat package with a length of dyed silk ribbon. I can’t wait to get something planned to incorporate this bit of Australia.

While in Tasmania, we drove up the east coast to Bicheno, a lovely little town with penguins and beautiful scenery that is close to the Freycinet National Park. More bush walks ensued there. I do love the hiking.

Wineglass Bay

At Wineglass Bay overlook.

Last on our to do list was Sydney. This stop did not include any side trips, luckily for Matthew. He was our designated driver. Those Aussies do drive on the wrong side of the road, you know. We walked miles and miles in that city. It was exciting but exhausting.

Not one to travel without my stitching, I had brought along a project for down times. I used it as my sketchbook. One of the most delightful aspects of the trip was the running list we kept of exotic (to us) wildlife that we saw. Some plants made the list too. Somehow, I will have to include all of these when I do make my Australian wall hanging.Austrlian animalsThe sulfur-crested white cockatoo was a common sight in all areas we visited. We had to go to a wildlife sanctuary to see the Tasmanian devil. And indeed there are kangaroos everywhere. Not in the cities perhaps, but as common as squirrels elsewhere. Our most fun sighting was the Little penguins of Tasmania. The grounds of our cabin were over run with them at night. Because of the dark, they were hard to see. But they were easy to hear. They made a huge ruckus early in the morning when they left their nests to go back to the ocean. We saw the koala at the sanctuary. The Eucalyptus leaf/tree we saw everywhere. There are many other animals and plants on the list, but I had to keep it trimmed for this preliminary work. All these embroideries will be attached to this background.yellow strip weavingJust as soon as I figure out how.

It’s a far, far journey to Australia, but I am so glad I had the opportunity to go. Thank you Matthew for your wonderful escort!

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5 Responses to Australia the Beautiful

  1. Rachel says:

    It’s only 26 hours from here, and I was wiped out for a week when we got back! I sympathise, but it was worth going, wasn’t it…!

    • The flight to Perth from New Orleans was 30 hours total with stops in Los Angeles and Brisbane. Coming home from Sydney straight to Dallas then N.O. was “only” 19. Funny how the first, much longer, flight didn’t cause me much problem and the second one coming home did. I guess I was too excited to be sick while there. and you’re right, it was worth it. I hadn’t seen Matthew in 12 months and it was good to spend so much time with him.

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  2. Dee Dee Wilbert says:

    Wonderful descriptions and photos, Lucy. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Judi W says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I love Oz. How neat that you got together with some Dreamers, you should post that to the group, it’s really special. That fabric is gorgeous, I don’t know how you’re going to cut into it!

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