Second Try–The Lap Quilt

This is the second of the two small quilt tops that Mom made and gave to me.  She is on a mission to clean out her fabric stash starting with scraps and the old stuff.

So I finished the quilted tablecloth and moved on to the lap quilt. This time I was going to use a smaller quilting pattern. One that would be easier to move around while in my machine. This quilt has a strong alternating horizontal and vertical stripe, so I wanted to accent that.  I decided to follow the squares with the quilting and settled on a checkerboard type arrangement. The squares alternated with a circular then a straight design. It involved a lot more actual quilting than the tablecloth, but not as much moving of fabric (proportionate to the amount of stitching). My results were better than on the tablecloth, but still not very well done. I guess I need still more practice.lap quiltThe back is pretty too. It’s made from Burton’s discarded work shirts that had frayed collars and cuffs. He’s pretty hard on his clothing. I had to add in some of my own cotton scraps left over from other projects to have enough for the whole back. The batting was some I had on hand. Front, back, and inside this is a scrap quilt!lap quilt backThis pattern of box quilting was fun. It’s all rather like doodling.

detail 1Most of the straight quilted squares were like the left side below.  The circular ones had a little more variety.  This one on the right is circular loops.detail2These curves on the left are a mix of scallops and spirals.detail 3The batting I used on this lap quilt was Warm and White. It was part of Martha’s prize winnings from the Sulky challenge a good many years ago. She left it behind. (She doesn’t make quilts either) If I though the flannel in the table cloth was stiff and awkward, this stuff was one hundred times worse. I’ve used it for small things before and it was OK.  Not so for a bigger size. For my bed quilt still left to be quilted, I’ll choose more wisely.

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2 Responses to Second Try–The Lap Quilt

  1. nita butler says:

    love love love it! I have made a few baby quilts in my time. I have been wanting to do a lap quilt. Have sooooooooooooo many scraps!

  2. Linda says:

    looks like you’re having fun with this diversion, despite how you don’t like quilting! 🙂

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